As Missionaries,  we are to be of help to those in the church  and out of the church who are in need.  We are to study God’s word, so  as to be equipped to go out and visit the sick and shut in, and carry the word of God to them from the Preached word,  by giving them tapes from the Sunday services, praying with and for them.   

Only as approved by Pastor,  some of us go out and speak at other churches that have Missionary Platform services.    We are to stay in constant prayer for Our Pastor and the church as a whole and to seek God for a refilling of the Holy Spirit for us all.   Some of us go out onto the streets and pass out  Gospel Tracts, talking to people about Jesus, those who do not go out,  pray for the ones who are out in the streets.  We, the Missionaries, send notes and cards to those who are incarcerated as well as pray for them.   

We are to be in support of  other Ministries in the church; work hard at being in unity with one another in the different Ministries.

Rev. Franklin Murray, Sr., Pastor