Our Church History


Bethel Baptist Church was organized in 1912 in the home of one of its (8) charter members, the late Reverend Charles Johnson.  The church was organized under the name; Elm Baptist Church and was incorporated in 1915.  The church’s name was later changed to Bethel Baptist Church.  After the purchase of land at 157 Standwood Street, (under Pastor Murray) the Church’s name is now: The Bethel Baptist Church Ministries of Roxbury, Inc.  Bethel Baptist Church has been in existence now for 105 years.

Bethel Baptist Church was formerly located at the corner of Lenox Street and Shawmut Avenue under the leadership of Reverend Jeltz, who succeeded Reverend Johnson as Pastor.  After the passing of Reverend Jeltz, Reverend Batts became Bethel’s Pastor.  Reverend Charles Gray became Pastor Batts’ assistant.  Under Reverend Batts’ leadership, our present location (18 Saint James Street) was purchased.

In the 105 years, Bethel has had only a total of (6) Pastors and (1) Interim Pastor.  The others being: Rev. Campbell and Rev. Harris.   Our present Pastor; Reverend Franklin Murray Sr., Has been at the helm for 28 years. The late, Reverend Fred Cowan was his assistant for many of those years.  Rev. Lloyd was the interim pastor at the time Rev. Murray came.  Bethel also has (5) Associate Ministers: Reverend Ferguson, Rev. Dr. Tina Saxon, Minister Owens, Minister Veale and Evangelist Franklin. 

Although satan has reared his head on numerous occasions, great things have happened and is still happening here at the Bethel Baptist Church; and to God be the glory, for it all belongs to Him.  He/God has brought us thus far and by faith, will see us through.

Rev. Franklin Murray, Sr., Pastor